The company and/or its affiliated entities currently hold an interest in 960 gross acres (720 net) in southern Louisiana, and is actively pursuing other opportunities.


In September 2017, the company purchased an 80% interest in Zerach Oil and Gas Exploration Ltd., an Israeli General Partnership, that manages the oil and gas projects of the Zerach Oil & Gas Limited Partnership, an Israeli Limited Partnership that is listed on the Israeli stock exchange. The Zerach entities have been active in oil and gas exploration in Israel for a number of years and are the holders of ~24,710 gross acres (~7,104 net acres) of exploration licenses in Israel.


Following the purchase, the Zerach companies were renamed PetroTx Oil & Gas Ltd., and PetroTx Limited Partnership.  As enabled by recent regulatory changes in Israel, PetroTx is now seeking to expand its activities internationally in both exploration and the acquisition of producing properties

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